Japan marks 2-year anniversary of tsunami, earthquake
In the midst of the growing dissatisfaction with the slow recovery, Japan's second anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami on Monday that more than 19,000 people dead or missing and more than 300,000 displaced marked left. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that the government "visible" reconstruction and legal and administrative proceedings to blame for the delay in the progress of resettlement for displaced people to accelerate the streamlining wants.

"I pray that the people involved in peaceful life resumed as soon as possible," Emperor Akihito said Tokyo National Theater for a somber memorial.

In the most celebrated cities of Tokyo and the northeast coast, they gathered for a moment of silence, his head bowed in a moment of targets, at 14:46 on March 11, 2011, when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake - the strongest in Japan's history - off the coast.

Japan nuclear plant communities rebuild and the Fukushima Dai-Ichi, then melted down reactor whose cooling systems were disabled by the tsunami clear conflict of radiation. The government has yet to devise a new energy strategy - the country's two nuclear reactors offline for a struggling economy is a central issue.

About half of those displaced evacuees from areas near the nuclear plant. The government and plant operator Tokyo Electric hundreds of them now defunct Power Company, or TEPCO on Monday, demanding compensation for their suffering and sued for damages, was filed.

"In the two years after the disaster, not the government or TEPCO is clearly recognized their responsibility, it is not enough to cover the base damage is" Izutaro Managi, a lawyer for the plaintiffs said.

Hundreds of thousands of survivors living in temporary accommodation during the disaster zone resettle, a process that may last a decade or impatient, officials say.

"I really do want to return to my home," the "Migaku Suzuki, a 69-year-old Rikuzentakata, a house he had just finished building lost in the disaster, said the farm labor. Suzuki also tsunami, which destroyed the city has lost a son.

Further south, Fukushima Prefecture in about 160,000 evacuees were uncertain whether they had nuclear plant, where three reactor meltdowns and radiation spewed into the surrounding soil and water around will try to return home.

The Fukushima lawsuit filed by a group of people in 800 per month for each victim 50,000 Yen (about $ 625) to request a waiver of payment until all radiation accident ugari, this is a process that can take decades. Similar cases elsewhere in the project and another 900 in Tokyo. Managi said that he and fellow lawyers to join the 10,000 hoped for legal claims.

Evacuees were eager to return home, but possible, radiation exposure to the disaster is still uncertain, the worst since Chernobyl in 1986, concerned about the risks.

If the plant is no clear cases of cancer linked to radiation, people, uncertainty about the future and long-term health concern, especially for children, residents of upheaval in the lives of thousands of immense psychological toll.

"I do not think that anything related health depends on more government" Masaaki Watanabe, 42, who fled Minami-Soma near the town, and did not intend to return.

UCO Endo, Kawauchi village head said that many residents do not wait too long to see if they can return. Restrictions on access as workers slowly lifted a hand and a sweeping roof and remove dirt.

"If I wait another two years, I will explode the" Endo, which calls mostly empty houses and overgrown fields, said the city is determined.

A change in government late last year with the hope that the authorities quickly khasedase increase the cleaning and reconstruction.

Office in late December, Abe is often a point of fast action and 19 trillion yen to 25 trillion yen to (262 billion dollars) increase in long-term budget plan's promise to rebuild the disaster zone visited (about 200 billion dollars).

"We are removing the harsh realities of the Great East Japan earthquake affected areas do not. Still happen," Abe memorial meeting in Tokyo said. "The disaster affected many still face uncertainty about their future is."

This is only the struggle to rebuild and deal with the nuclear disaster in Japan struggle with growth and production delays search for new drivers, old and its enormous social debt is increasing as the most urgent issues of export.

The broad issues also constrain the reconstruction. Cities want to rebuild, but they sankocaya, aging population, the settlers find a new job far more cut up to face the harsh reality. Tsunami and nuclear crisis hit the local fish processing and tourism industry, reduced velocity that began decades ago.

After the disaster in Fukushima, Japan still had 50 viable nuclear regular investigation and after special tests to verify their disaster preparedness reactor is shut down. Two of them were launched last summer to help meet the shortage of electricity, but most Japanese oppose the restart of more plants.

The government, however, a decision to phase out nuclear energy by the year 2030 seems likely to remove the backup.

Happy Mother's Day
Ya know, every year, we go through the motions, and we say thank you, but the time it takes for someone to understand what really is for us, and over time, we learn what was necessary to bring in for us, we are now a.

I really am very lucky that I have a lot of my parents was closed for good. I do not feel love for everyone to enjoy, and it is a sad state of affairs. We are all different and we have different circumstances, it is these that make us who we are. I am in my time, and various life experiences were more sikhyo speakers talk.

I am grateful that I was family life, and this time, still lucky enough to have my mom with a cherished expenditure of time today, so I found how much I love her.

I choose to use the words on paper, and hope that it's OK to share with you.

My mother is a special type of woman.
It's very modest, humble and obedient to
It's everything you expect a shining example.

Patient, she was all the time that I need.
Diligent, I never had to go without clean clothes
Dinner on the table, clean room, friendly smile.

It is loyal, always there when the chips are down.
Loyal, she takes her children if they were in the ring
When it came to my mother knew we were family.

Unconditional love, encouragement we can do it.
Never ever forget to fend for himself alone
When it comes down, we'd always go to the mother.

He does not understand our praise and admiration.
She sees it as a normal woman, a mother must
But I grew, I learned not to each mother was so wonderful.

I will make sure that he's free to go.
They walk for miles to school there, I will be
I see the pride in his appearance, only I was proud of her son.

My selfish moments, he never against me.
When I was wrong and terrible things were, I was never afraid of losing his love
The seventy seven times forgave, and much more.

Without a kind word, a day never Never forget a birthday.
The meaning of Christmas as a child that Santa gifts under the tree will never fail
The truth is not yet known, he's excited to hear the squeak of his signature.

Night when I was sick, cloth mop my brow sat down on my bed.
My hospital bed painful recovery palaline
I never knew until now how much it is there for me in every way.

How do I can not praise her dearly and cherish?
Children who are so committed to his mother's joy can not
And a certain woman, a mother is really a perfect example of what you see?

Words just do not say thank you enough.
No action can I never really measure my gratitude
Nothing I say will never be viewed by the eyes, the way I see it.

So I only say, it is better, your work is done.
You are my mother, a woman I am proud to know you
You mother I was born, her mother was a blessing, I love you.

I do not always know these things, and if you can understand.
You know, your sacrifice, your love, your effort, your hard work must be
Never forget, it will never be lost.

Happy Mother's Day.

Critics' review: Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns will overwhelm you
There are times when you do a movie you need to film some sign that this is a time sink so it begins. Director Tigmanshu Dhulia's Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns not less than a miracle. It permeates the senses, you grin with a link to your party, let your tears, make you gape in amazement - a period of only 145 minutes. And it flies away for some time, but inexperienced pace. Before one knows, Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster enchants the limit one obtains a flash back to his past and leave them with unspeakable emotions abundance. If its prequel Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster was a great film, so this is two-fold. Or may be manifold. Dhulia's script is original, fresh, and takes the story where the last one ended. There are well-developed characters in a breathtaking glide in his roles with ease. No, it is not a character dies in a moment seems superfluous. A quirky look, and I am missing something: viewed the generality of passe, Dhulia revels are kept for a period of one viewer attention span!

Jimmy's Sheirgill act is spectacular to say the least. Mahie Gill - the Bertha Mason - like Biwi - for lack of a more intense word - that it is possible to see, I have a gun with the greatest of ease. On the one hand, and on the other side feeling their work draws heavily on ingenuity. Nobody can afford to ignore either the actor or the character Mahie Madhvi. However, you can not help with the brain, not a fan of her acting, you end Sahib to get them back to the woman who briefly stop at nothing in his quest for a sense of sadness.

Need a deafening applause from view. Should be short, everything - even the same background score, the camera work, art direction, the noise, subtle pot shots on the day of contemporary politics, this Act applies. Tigmanshu Dhulia film's hinterland to the public to call the real India, where the earthy, solid back with stories. Places where women can unabashedly say, "What Hume Shayar Milte Milte hi nahi hai Kyun Kyun ...!" (We are not poets Why ... why only men!)
Verdict: Tigmanshu Dhulia's masterpiece, the four I's stars. Not to be missed!

On International Women’s Day:
Efforts continue to struggle to achieve equality for women, promoting their support for the elimination of discrimination against and despite their status in society, women continue to suffer. In many parts of the world, various restrictions on their condition, which often leads to a violation of their human rights due to the bad.

As we mark this year's International Women's Day, many Palestinian women are still the Israeli military offensive in the Gaza Strip in November 2012 and is healing. These attacks result, 171 Palestinians dead, of which 14 102 women (13.7% of the total number of victims) were civilians, including.

In addition, 625 women and 93 Palestinian civilians (civilians wounded 14.8%) were amongst the injured.

PCHR's documentation and observations suggest that the female of the Israeli forces, which is a violation of international humanitarian law to protect civilians under the excessive use of force by the vast majority of victims during the invasion.

Israeli soldiers: in full compliance with the principle of distinction between civilians and military targets ban on indiscriminate attacks, observation, and necessary to ensure that the attack was not aware of the purposes of civilian persons or objects.

Israeli forces PCHR research shows that the result of women are victims of these principles to disregard international humanitarian law.

For example, on November 18, 2012, Israeli soldiers attacked and destroyed the Gaza City Family El Dalu connected home.

Consequently, women and children, including family members of the 10 4 5 fluctuating. November 19, 2012 Israeli attack on the other, a child and two women from Abu Zour family were dead, when an Israeli air strike on their neighbor's home was bombed.

In addition to these victims, many of them suffering traumatic Palestinian women also lost their relatives in the attack. Also, thousands of women displaced during the invasion.

In the past year, Israeli policy directly, the Gaza Strip, many women change, for example, the number of women incarcerated in Israeli prisons for their sons or men who had been barred from visiting.

Imposed on the Gaza Strip close to the Israeli Palestinian women are affected.

Israeli-Palestinian socio-economic hardships imposed on the civilian population, to meet their basic needs, including essential drugs policy, particularly by depriving resources.

Gaza Strip and West Bank Palestinians between Israel severe restrictions on the movement.

In addition, due to the violence suffered by women in the Palestinian society, the so-called "honor killings" studies, in particular.

According to PCHR's documentation, 3 women in this study judgments against perpetrators of crimes such as mildness of dead Palestinian Authority of elimination, even though they may be.

PCHR also been observed that the practice of women's personal freedom, including but not limited to, Shari clothes Al Aqsa University of female students from secondary schools to ban hijab for students forced to ladavi, and cancel the marathon, which was organized by UNRWA and to ensure women's participation in the marathon in April was due to restrictions imposed by the government.

On International Women's Day, PCHR Palestinian women, which reiterates its full support to the struggle of both the Israeli and Palestinian society practices and violations suffered violence, and

1. Calls on the international community to fulfill its obligations toward the occupied Palestinian people and the Palestinian suffering civilians, especially women, to take action is completed;

2. The Fourth Geneva Convention on the High contracting parties to the treaty by compelling Israel to meet their obligations under the agreement to respect and Palestinian civilians, including women, to ensure the protection;

3. The Palestinian "family honor" to stop the practice and the perpetrators of such crimes to ensure punishment proportionate to the gravity-related murder to call on the authorities to take serious action.

U.N. Security Council approves new sanctions against North Korea
The UN Security Council on Thursday against tough new sanctions on North Korea for its recent nuclear test and approve, the United States and other countries against aggression labels aside the threat of nuclear retaliation of Pyongyang cleans.

Voting unanimously, the 15 - member of the February 12 test and imposed a hard country to fund its weapons programs and to make their mind paying for the stuff to get to the conference to North Korea condemned.
Before the vote, North Korea issued a statement of "criminal threatening world peace" and Washington describes as a feared nuclear preventive action.

Long main partner and north of the benefactor - the ban Resolution was prepared by the United States and Chinas.

The present action since the beginning of 2006 and the first three nuclear tests imposed sanctions on North Korea based on the raft. New measures by North Korean banks and companies access to the international financial system were restricted, while potentially increasing the restrictions on the ability of illegal cargo for transport to the north. Council will also warned Pyongyang against it "more significant measures" other nuclear or ballistic missile tests if they take a hand.

The White House rejected North Korea on Thursday of rhetorical volleys and said that any attack against the United States itself Pyongyang ball can be.

"Let us be clear: we are fully able to take this threat," spokesman Jay Carney White, when asked about the statement said North Korea against the United States "Preemptive nuclear strike" sogana. Carney cited "limited ballistic missile threats that" North Korea will be in the next few years in an American missile - defense capabilities dramatically.

Carney also praised the UN vote and said that further steps would be "in the event of another nuclear test or launch."

"Taken together, these restrictions go down, and hard, come to" Susan E. Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said after the vote. "Strength, and the severity of the sanctions illegal nuclear program and its ballistic missile North Korea for the cost, conventional and nuclear weapons programs, the funding source and will restrict the ability of content and technology."

Capitol Hill, Glyn T. Davies is on, the State Department special representative for North Korea policy said Pyongyang provocation of the recent nuclear tests that a company, in the latest in the global response to the request.

Manchester United and Nani charged by Uefa after stormy European exit
Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United in the UEFA Real Madrid after his side's Champions League exit at the hands attended the press conference and then left. Nanny of the red card he received during the second leg at Old Trafford last -16 asked the resulting processes. They receive a minimum one game ban. Rio Ferdinand is still waiting to hear whether he had his sarcastic applause at the end of the match referee Cuneyt Cakir to answer any penalty.

A UEFA statement said: "Manchester United FC to the UEFA disciplinary proceedings against [the] red card Nanny [and] the media after the game [subject] date 2.7 2.6 III and competition rules, the trial would have failed. UEFA and Thursday , 21 March disciplinary body control. "

"The right of the state in" his assistant, Mike Phelan said that he decided to send this to Nanny's "distraught" and did not leave. UEFA rules enable all providers must be present for the press conference after the match. When he speaks on television after local league and cup games, Scott refused to attend taiyariomanthi with the printed media.

UEFA recommends the Cakir, the abuse and death threats via Twitter with "no problem", and said that he was responsible for the Champions League matches this season on a list of officers.

Report: TV star Valerie Harper has brain cancer
Valerie Harper in the television "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and its spinoff Rhoda Morgenstern played on "Rhoda," has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and died.

People magazine reported on its website Wednesday that 73-year-old actress received the news on 15 January. Tests revealed the leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that occurs when cancer cells spread to the fluid-filled membrane surrounding the brain. The report says doctors told Harper that he was too little to live for three months.

"I do not think death," the magazine said in an interview with Harper cover. "I think being here now."

Harper character, Rhoda, 1970 in television's most beloved characters, and tart-tongued, self-mockery Rhoda Harper made a star. He has three "Mary" plus "Rhoda," which ran from 1974 to 1978 for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Supporting Actress consecutive Emmys (1971-1973) won.

Harper, many Broadway musicals as a dancer in the show business started, and the Second City Improv Group in summer stock and worked.

"I was a dancer, but I was always a little overweight," he once told The Associated Press. "I can say:" Hi, I'm Valerie Harper and I am too heavy. "Before I would say it quickly .... I have always said to be chubby, my nose was too big, my hair was too kinky. "

He initially played Rhoda plump, thin, charming as Mary Richards contrast Humor. But "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" when it was, Rhoda was downsized and its beauty, its brand recognition.

The character was very popular and was soon on his CBS sitcom, which move back home to New York City and married Rhoda, but I was inspired.

After its success on TV, she returned to theater. Several television film and the films "The Chapter" and including the following, "Blame It on Rio."

In 2000, he joined Moore in the TV movie "Mary and Rhoda."

"Rhoda Morgenstern gave a wonderful impulse and thrust my career," she told the AP in 2001.

At that time, the former Broadway comedy "Alice" star Linda stepped in LAVIN created the role of "the wife's story allergies."

Harper played what they are "frightened woman a certain age" and he described it as the character of Rhoda, the general belief, he said, "come to life, and it compares to the pleasure. Simply stop and rest with white nakalsa. correct itself. "

In recent years, Harper had guest roles on several television series, and in 2010 returned to Broadway in the Tallulah benkaheda, Hollywood Golden Age plays a flamboyant star.

AP Drama Michael Kuchwara Compare wrote that, "Harper's Rhoda Morgenstern iconic dunk" and "a terrible sense of comic timing."

In January, Harper released a new memoir: "I, Rhoda."

Venezuela's 'Comandante' Hugo Chavez dies
Worship or self-styled populist revolution for his remarks, Chavez of Venezuela on the crown held by a cult of personality, the government fixes the Dalit ball, and an endless stream of rhetoric capitalism-imperialism, and the United States announced.
The "Chavistas" El Comandante reduce extreme poverty and access to health care and education, praised for expansion. Critics of the high inflation, food shortages, rising crime and alleged mismanagement of the country's oil industry.
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The politicization of the judiciary, human rights groups lambasted, and democratic system of checks and balances to destroy it.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's death in response to the news, saying the American part, the United States "is the policy of democratic principles, the rule of law and respect for human rights. Committed to the" Statement issued two years, you do not need an ambassador Venezuela was, the hemisphere's largest oil exporter. NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports.

"He has an international presence and size of the land or property in and out of his talent and personal charisma will be remembered as the generation effect for more than 14 years," Jorge Castañeda, former Foreign Minister of Mexico and Latin American NBC policy analyst, said.
"And I think that it is good for the poor people of Venezuela will be remembered for trying to live a life, but at the end of the day, which made it worse when its economic policies, the result can be seen., It will expire. Whether the money large appear a little better for people to give money for a short period of time "
After the last two years of his presidency, his health had been masked by the war. It has established itself free from an unspecified cancer, he had a tough challenge to win reelection in 2012, his fended - even during the campaign, the epic nine-hour speech.
Relapse and was soon sent to Cuba for surgery. He was sworn in office in early January to be considered was sick and still very sick when he returned to Venezuela in mid-February, surprisingly, with 4,000,000 followers began a Twitter account.

Their Deputies insisted that he was still in control, documents and signed in Caracas hospital room seats holding, if a tube in his throat, his familiar voice was calm. But this week, with reports at the new respiratory infection threatened.
In a speech to the nation on Tuesday, Vice President, Nicolas Maduro said Chavez was the "hard news" and claimed that the cancer directed by its enemies "attack" was. A few hours later, he announced that Chavez died at 16:25 pm
"Hugo Chavez for the honor and grandeur," said an emotional Maduro of Venezuela in Spanish on television, every town square in the country, but calling for violence or hatred against warning the public monuments.
Teachers in a small Venezuelan village on July 28, 1954 born, Chávez was by his grandmother and military academy in Caracas at the age of 17 were killed. Six years later, the South American revolutionary Simon Bolivar in the 19th century, inspired by life, an underground movement formed within the army.
Rise of the captain of the army, he is a bloody coup attempt in 1992 failed, and that landed him in prison included. Grace, two years later, a former paratrooper re-launched rebellion against the ruling class and had announced his candidacy for President in 1998.
"Venezuela of revival began, and nothing and nobody can stop it,'' he roaring crowd after winning a landslide victory for the youngest president in the history of Venezuela Roared it.
Slideshow: years by Hugo Chavez

His failed coup attempt in 1992 as a lieutenant colonel after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for his life in an emergency.

Start slideshow
President Chávez for a new constitution, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in the name of the country. State run oil company, he picked up more control, land forces, and to create employment for the poor housing and services for the proposed expanded government programs.
Center for Economic and Policy Research, a progressive think tank in 2009, a report by the Chávez regime in the first half of the decade saw poverty, infant mortality was made by a third; malnutrition deaths decreased by 50%, and college enrollment almost doubled.
Simultaneously, a non-governmental estimates reported killed four times greater in Venezuela, while Chavez was in power. In 2012, inflation at 18% off. Allegations of corruption and nepotism dogged his administration.
Problems aside, the tremendous loyalty in his followers. The economic crisis during the 2002 coup, he kept his power only for two days - and he claimed that the United States yajana.
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The American relations with Chavez - his epic speech in "Empire" is derisively called - were icy. He called President George W. "The Devil" and "King of the holidays." Bush in 2010, he asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton resigned ", another State Department to work with offenders."
They frequently vaibhavipane Libya's Moammar Gadhafi and Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, but praised his fellow Cuba. He was trained as doctors and teachers in exchange for the island nation flush with oil and the air wants, when he visited the sick in June 2011.

A few weeks after the nation speech, he admitted neglecting his health and that he is Fidel Castro, who admitted he was not feeling that they had gained, leading to his pelvis and emergency surgery for a tumor detection.

About 45 percent of his opponents before Election Day that they had won with 54 percent of the vote, he spoke to a rally of supporters in Caracas, trademark swagger that he had shown the most interest in Latin America, as a polarizing leaders.
"Since then, I have not failed you in 14 years," he said, according to the Associated Press. "I promise I will fail in the next presidential term.

Budget 2013: how George Osborne can save the economy
Either George Osborne expectations of management plays a very clever game, or it really is not anything to say in his budget this month. Westminster word is that there is no spark, let alone fireworks when he delivers his statement. Two years ago, we are "the most pro-growth budget in a generation", which turned out to be (it was rational) is a test that was promised to us. Held until the summer avenge last year's budget, and almost anything that helps the economy. So this time, when MPs are not anything too exciting Chancellor are advised to expect, they are all too ready to believe.

Joint forces, it seems, has no idea how high debt, low growth trap built by Gordon Brown to escape. Conservatives never looked for inspiration in Washington, but no more Republican in his deep and very specific problem, while debt is rising fast as Barack Obama about Osborne. Eurozone basket case, a federal state. Britain is a new source of inspiration, which is probably the reason why David Cameron Latvia yesterday met with the countries that are getting the right group.

The Nordic and Baltic countries after a summit due to gatecrash and perhaps a way to steal some ideas: Northern Future Forum's Cameron idea. Estonia Law: The Crash of immediate and deep cuts in government spending, while tax is flat and low. The economy bounced back quickly and the deficit disappeared. Jürgen Ligi, Finance Minister Euro blamed for many of the diseases, not to lecture. He is bold enough to own luck.

Estonia's economy is smaller than Birmingham, so it is a curiosity as to who may be out of pocket expense. It is difficult to Sweden, the clause in the sun, snow, and demand-side economics of land conversion to deny the socialist nation. Hero economic reforms, Anders Borg, which will set the agenda within the European Finance Ministers meeting than anyone can see out of the opposition appears more like. He shows an earring and a ponytail, if the received wisdom as to motivate their hatred explains. He shows that he is a permanent tax cut for the low paid, a move seen throughout Europe as well as the odd gamble reaction crash.

"Everyone, excitement, excitement, excitement, asked," Borg told me later, Britain and Spain follow this advice, and the Borg do not now how. "There was very little, for example, both point to the stimulus. Economy, but they of debt. hang "the former chief economist of SEB bank Borg contact with the medical team. Political to borrow, spend and bail out companies a means to call them briefly, they (critics take to set up a blog and explain why). The problem with most places in economic demand, he argued, but the supply of workers. If they have to pay less tax than they would be encouraged to move to and work in welfare.

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